Holy smokes...This is a man cave to the max.  We just need a couple of screens for Cowboy and Texan games, and it will be a pretty awesome fall in the back yard.  But is it a lil too fancy for seasoned Texas grillers who don't mind getting a lil messy?

We're pretty good at becoming one with barbecue in East Texas, aren't we? I mean, some of us don't mind the streaks of charcoal dust on our clothes, and we don't mind wearing meat/smoke smell as our fragrance for the day. With that in mind, this fancy BBQ shed may be a little too slick and clean for the Texas masses that get along just fine with a charcoal pit and a cooler. But in case you want to try to build something amazingly cool that your neighbors can't stop talking about, this little number could be just the inspiration you need.

With this many hidden compartments and secret features, you can continually surprise and impress your friends. They might be in your back yard every day, which could be extra fun if they're bringing the beverages. And the brisket.

This fancy shed has a spice drawer that's neat and organized (at least in the video, probably before anyone actually uses it), it's got space for chopping veggies and prepping the meat, it's got a flip-out dart board, and even a bench that folds out so there's a place to sit down and chow down. It all folds up to look like a plain ole shed that you might store lawn mowers in. Too cool.

It's been shared over a million times on Facebook, and some of those folks are asking where to buy it. I bet an East Texan like you could build it, no problem. Remember the saying, "if you build it, they will come?" Yeah. You might have some company.

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