Loving Vincent, about the complicated life and tragic death of Vincent van Gogh, has been in production for more than six years. Not only did the production team meticulously research his life and incorporate his work, his subjects, and around 800 personal letters for the film, but also they created every frame of the movie by hand. It’s not a stretch to say that every frame of this movie is a work of art — because they are! Each of Loving Vincent’s 65,000 frames is itself an oil painting.

The trailer for the movie is absolutely gorgeous, and incorporates the bodies and faces of actors from today into famous van Gogh paintings. Starry Night, naturally, makes a cameo, and so do his Irises, Cafe Terrace at Night, and Wheat Field with Crows. The film copies his colorful impressionist style that literally brings his works to life. It’s something that you wish the artist himself could see.

Vincent van Gogh had a troubled, fascinating life, and as such has been the subject of a number of movies, documentaries, and one of the best Doctor Who episodes ever. But never has there been a film about his life quite like this one. It took six years and 125 artists from all around Europe to complete. One can only hope the movie itself lives up to its ambitious premise.

Loving Vincent, which stars the voice talents of Chris O’Dowd, Saorise Ronan, Jerome Flynn, Helen McCrory, and Aiden Turner, opens in select theaters September 22.

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