Lufkin First Assembly is back at it again, showcasing the talented Melissa Radke in a great video for back to school with

In this video we see the pitfalls of back to school shopping. Melissa Radke in the notes apologizes for being blonde and trying to rap.


This has HANDS DOWN, been the easiest year of Back to School shopping I have ever had. Mainly because…I haven’t!

I am free, people! I. Am. Free. You can be, too…

Here's Melissa's latest video with the warning, "What you are about to see, you can't unsee."

She's also a pastor at Lufkin First Assembly of God, and her sermons are more like stand-up comedy routines. She's clearly an invaluable asset to the church and our town.

But it's not all fun and games, since Melissa's personal journey has had heartbreak along the way.

Momma out!


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