With a new school year quickly approaching, that means that there are new teachers for students. And when I say new teachers, they may just be new for some students. They could've been at the school for years, but some students are just now encountering them. This is your guide to the different types of teachers. It's not only useful to students, but also to parents, guardians and - quite possibly -  to the other teachers and school workers.

*Some teachers/educators fall into multiple categories.*

  • via Caught Read Handed
    via Caught Read Handed

    The Newbie

    This is the teacher that just finished their student teaching, and they've got their brand new, shiny teaching certification in hand. They're probably going to be a bit twitchy from excitement on day one.

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    The Coffee/Caffeine Fanatic

    This is the teacher that you DO NOT mess with if you can't spot a coffee cup or a soda within three feet of them, AT ALL TIMES.

  • Back-to-school goes retro
    Back-to-school goes retro

    The Hoarder

    This teacher is the one that's got every window plastered with stickers, their bulletin boards are crammed full of new material, and they've got every teaching aid/device known to man in their room somewhere. Generally, there will be mazes that wind around the students desks, teacher's desk, and whiteboard, because of all the other stuff that's in there.

  • Getty Images Sport photo by Elsa
    Getty Images Sport photo by Elsa

    The Coach

    Yeah, this teacher gets their own category. It's hard to describe, but you just know when a coach walks through the door.

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    The Technological

    This is the teacher that's got ALL of the up-to-date gadgets. They've got the smart boards, the computers all synced up, the tablets, etc. And, even more impressive, they know how to use it all proficiently.

  • John Moore/Getty Images
    John Moore/Getty Images

    The Normal Teacher

    THIS IS NOT A BAD THING. The normal teacher is the middle-of-the-road teacher. This is the teacher that's got their stuff all together, but it's not over the top. Their room is probably neat and tidy for day one, with a tasteful amount of decorations and items in it. These tend to be favorites of many students.

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    Warner Bros.

    The Stickler

    This is the teacher that, usually, has been teaching for years. They've got their lessons and activities memorized and know exactly how they want the year to go. They tend to be tougher than other teachers. For this reason, they probably aren't liked by current students, but former students tend to be very appreciative.

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    The "I Need To Retire"

    This is unfortunate, but it tends to be seen in school districts all over the place. This is the teacher that started out in at least one of the categories above, but they've gotten to the point now where they just want to be done.

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    The Utility Player

    This is the teacher that is found teaching multiple subjects. An example would be: A freshman English teacher that also teaches theater arts, and is also the cheer sponsor. And, even if they don't have multiple classes, you will still find students going to them and asking for assistance with other classes.

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    The Over-Appreciated Teacher


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