If you're going into college this fall as a computer science major, good for you. That will lead to a job quickly after you graduate, and there are several other hot majors right now that will let you reap benefits later.  Here they are.

Picking a college major can be stressful, right?  You're deciding at age 17 or 18 what you want to do with the rest of your life, and there's no guarantee you'll be interested at age 40 what you're passionate about in your teens, because we change and grow and adapt and get into new things all the time.  No pressure!  But hopefully this will help. They're "highly employable" majors.

The Top College Majors for Finding Full-Time Work, according to US News, include computer science, business, and accounting. Finance, mechanical and electrical engineering, economics, and marketing are also in the top 10.

Classes start at Stephen F. Austin on August 29th, and majors range from Social Work to Accounting to Theater to Journalism.  Whatever you choose, you'll rock it.  Have a great year.

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