The US Army might not be known for it's awesome culinary creations, but at the very least they'd like to make the food better for the troops.  And if you're willing to eat MREs (Meals, Ready-to-Eat) for three solid weeks, you can help make that happen.  

We're always looking for ways to thank the troops for what they do, and this is a unique way to help out.  I think we can safely say we've never done this before.

The US Army has a study happening now where it asks people outside the military to eat the prepackaged foods it serves to the troops, and keep track of thoughts and experiences, likes and dislikes.  Ultimately, they're trying to figure out what impact the ready-made foods have on the digestive tract. They want to make the food better so soldiers are excited about eating, instead of just eating because it's time, or because they have to.  If the food is good, it helps with energy levels, health, and maybe even morale in the battlefield.

MREs have gotten a bad rap for being tasteless and bad, so the army is having a tough time finding people to give up pizza and drive-through cheeseburgers for 21 straight days to eat nothing but ready-made food in a pouch that has to be able to withstand being tossed out of an airplane.  But it's for the troops!

This could be a genius move on your part if you have a weight loss goal in 2016.  Eat these things for 21 days, help the military, and maybe lose a pound or two along the way.

There's a US Army recruitment center in the Lufkin Mall by the way, if you want to stop by an get involved on another level.  By the time you join, the food could be just as good as the home cookin'.

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