Did you notice that it stopped raining every other day.  Guess what that means. 

It's official, this Tuesday June 21st is the first day of summer for 2017. If you are living here in East Texas there are lots of ways to beat that heat.

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    Cool Off In A Pool

    Just the only way to really keep it cool in East Texas is to hide your body away from the heat in some high quality H2O. But make sure you wear sunblock, cause the sun it not playing this year. Make good friends with someone with a pool, or that lives in an apartment complex that has one.

  • TSM Lufkin
    TSM Lufkin

    Buy Some Fans

    You see them all over the place, any time of year in stores around Lufkin and Nacogdoches. Did you know up North, they don't sell fans year round. Here they are a must. Get a tower fan like this one, fairly inexpensively for every room in your house. Just don't leave them on when you aren't in the room. Fan's don't really change the temperature, but they do make it feel better.

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    Splash Kingdom Nacogdoches

    We finally got our own water park, take advantage of it on a hot summer day. Let's face it, that's every day, June to August in Lufkin and Nacogdoches. I was impressed that they even have summer passes, you can go cool off as much as you want. If you are looking with a thrill while you get cooler, this the way to go.

  • TSM Lufkin
    TSM Lufkin

    Turn Down The AC

    The reason that there was a population explosion back in the 50's in East Texas, air conditioning. Before that there was just not a good reason to live here year round. Don't be ashamed that you feel like you are cooking inside out. Not everyone's family moved here before people got to sleep in air conditioned comfort. Mine did, but it is a lot more comfortable, even for us.

  • via Flickr - Lotzman Katzman
    via Flickr - Lotzman Katzman

    Spray Play Pad at Chambers Park

    The great thing about splash pad type water features is that no one is in any danger. Tiny children can play in the water, in a controlled environment. It will bring down your level of anxiety, and your kids will cool down. There are a lot of these around East Texas, but the one at Chambers Park in Lufkin seems to always be popular this time of year.

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