The reliance on GPS is destroying our brains.  Some of us have become incapable of driving anywhere without the aid of technology and sometimes this means we're driving five miles out of our way just because a handy gadget told us to.  Are we trusting GPS too much?

I'm sure you guys are great at finding your way without the help of navigational tools, and you're not the least bit directionally-challenged. Good for you.  But there may come a time when you're tempted to follow the GPS lady's advice, even when you know it's five miles out of your way.  And on that note, I share this quick story.

My boyfriend and I were on our way back to my house after an event Saturday that was about 45 minutes away, and there were several routes to get back home.  We set out on the route that the GPS lady chose for us, and about halfway through, she told us to exit the highway that we were on, and do a u-turn and take a route that was unfamiliar to both of us.  Get off the highway just cuz?  The was no accident and no construction on the path that we were on, so it was odd that she told us to take the weird way.  And that begs the question, at what point do you tell GPS no?

My boyfriend obeyed GPS. Because he loves this GPS woman and trusts her implicitly.  But my house was right there!  Only two exits up, and hang a left.  How 'bout trust me, the girl who has actually driven the route to her own house a thousand times and also knows how to bail or suggest alternate routes should we get stuck.  The next thing I knew, we were doing a U-ey, taking a crowded feeder road to another highway, and driving to my house on the weird route.  We eventually got there, probably about ten minutes after we would have arrived if we'd disobeyed technology and stayed on the path called "women's intuition."

I rely on GPS to get to stores an restaurants that I've never been to, and it can by handy.  Navigation technology can save time when there's and accident ahead and save us from peril when we get lost, but it might also make entire sections of our brains whither away with lack of use if we plug into it constantly.

What do you think?  Has GPS made us all dumber?  Men and women might have two different answers.

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