Here are some tips for driving in foggy conditions.

Police Departments and Fire departments all over the Pineywoods have responded to lots of accidents today. This mist in the air, is just not going away. Usually fog is relegated to the early morning here in East Texas, but today, it’s just not going away.

Earlier today (02/06/18) there was this accident that occurred on the corner of Moore and West Frank Ave. in Lufkin. Visibility could have been a factor in this accident. As the color of the cars, seemed to just blend in with what was a very foggy day. Multiple children could be seen, but only two adults received injuries severe enough to warrant a trip to the emergeny room.


Be very careful on the way home today, if you must drive in foggy conditions. The National Weather Service offers these safety tips.

1. Slow Down and allow extra time to reach your destination

2. Make your vehicle visible by using low beam headlights, use fog lights if you have them.

3. Never use your high beams, it causes glare and you might not be able to see in front of you.

4. Leave plenty of distance between the car in front of you to allow for sudden stops.

5. Follow the lines painted in the road to make sure that you are maintaining your proper lane.

6. In extremely dense fog where your visibility is zero, pull off the road way as far as you can (parking lot, and put on your hazard lights.

7. If you have to pull over close to the road, set your hand brake and take your foot off of the pedals, so so other drivers won’t mistake you for moving traffic.

Use these tips, and get through what might be the foggiest day ever in East Texas.

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