Hashtags are everywhere, and there seems to be AT LEAST one for everything. Yes, #everything.

There are hashtags for happy events. #Yay #sohappy #excited

There are hashtags for sad events. #Sad #upset #bummed

There are even hashtags for hashtags. #hashtag #DUH

So, we wanted to play around with this a bit. We thought, "What could we hashtag that would go viral, right here in Deep East Texas? There are tons of possibilities. Of course there are the obvious ones, like #Nacogdoches or #Lufkin. Then there are some that are a bit more creative, like #DeepEastTexas and #Pineywoods.

But, after searching these hashtags, we discovered that these have all been used.

So, we set out to "create" our own, unique hashtag. And, after some thought, and a lot of guess-and-check work, we've discovered one that has not been used, at least to our knowledge.


So now, we want your help. We want this to go viral. Whether it's using it to describe your daily activities, an event your attending, or something that actually is trending right here in East Texas, add this hashtag to your social media posts, and make this go viral.

Let's put East Texas on the social media map!

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