Thanks to an act of kindness from a Samaritan with a good heart, a local woman in need will be able to have a good Christmas in here new home.

Read the Facebook post from Wendy Bolin Fulghum below.

Update: Her are a few things she needs!

His clothes size: 9 months in jeans and 12 month tops
Her clothes size: XL Tops and 16/18 bottoms
Diaper Size: 5
Towels( She uses her sons receiving blankets)
Rolling laundry basket
Laundry detergent
Hygiene products
Her son is lactose intolerant
Baby wipes

Her rent is $350 a month
She can get a car from AM/PM thru Pilgrims with $730 down

She moved here from another state to get away from her abusive boyfriend. We are all that she has!! She is just starting out so any household items are appreciated!

No donation is too small!

Not dog related but I just wanted to share..

Last Sunday while at Family Dollar I saw a young single mom putting newly purchased mittens on her 16 month old son. I asked her if she would like a ride since it was so cold outside. She graciously accepted. As she was giving me directions to her home she told me "it looks like a shed, but it's my home". Long story short I got caught up with my own "problems " and forgot all about her. Today as I was leaving the dollar store I saw her walking home from her new job at Pilgrims Pride (a good mile walk to and from work). I turned around and gave her a ride home. As we were casually talking Christmas was brought up and she told me how excited she was that her son would actually have presents to open. She then told me that she stayed at the women's shelter prior to getting her new place and that they got her son presents! I asked if she needed anything for her home, she told me no, that she has a twin size bed and a chair. I asked if she had heat and water, she said she uses her oven to heat yer home....God put this young woman in my path not once, but twice and now I know why. She has not once asked for anything and has been very grateful for a simple car ride. If anyone can help her and her son please let me know! I am giving her a queen size bed. I know for sure she needs a couch and heaters. I'm sure she is in need of many other things but I didn't want to make her feel uncomfortable with too many questions. I will be taking her to and from work the rest of the week so I will try and find out what else she needs. If you can help in any way please let me know and PLEASE share! - via Wendy's Misfits

Folks have been stopping by the radio station all day dropping off household goods, foods, and donations. It's not too late to help someone in need.