Pile the kids in the car and hit a few of these places around town.

The Downtown Lufkin Christmas Lights.
They have really stepped it up this year at Main Street Lufkin.  There was always lights at the courthouse, but this year, they have made some new to me additions downtown, like stringing lights across the buildings around the Pines Theater. Really makes you think of downtown scene's from movies.

Burleson Family Christmas Light Show.
For years everyone loved going to Brookhollow to see the Christmas lights.  This show is really interactive.  You can even turn your radio to a specific frequency to hear music that goes along with the show. The entire Brookhollow subdivision is one of the most lit places in Lufkin, and it's just off the loop.

Four Season Subdivision, this one is a quick jaunt from Brookhollow, off Old Union Road back off the loop behind the newer Lufkin Post Office. Lights to be seen down almost every street. If you look up and the street names are months of the year, then you know you are in the right place for some Christmas cheer!

Every trip to see the lights must have a quick stop to see Rudolph the Red Nose Pumping Unit in the Lufkin Mall parking lot.