Some say pie-making is a lost art since not many of us take the time to do it from scratch these days.

So, when we find pies that are ooey, gooey, flaky, and perfect, we must give the bakers some love.  These are the best pies in Texas y'all.  See if you agree.

We're officially into the over-eating season now, and since we're not counting calories between now and the end of the year I thought I'd offer some ideas on where to find the pies.  Like the chocolate, coconut and caramel pie with bits of salty pretzels mixed in.  Royers Round Top Cafe in Round Top thought up this little gem, called the Texas Trash pie.  Round Top has a population of 90, and it's located about halfway between Austin and Houston off of Highway 290.  Those are the 90 luckiest pie lovers in the world, having that Texas Trash pie within walking distance, along with the lemon blueberry and plain ole cherry. has some other good ideas about pie too.  They tell us that Bever's Kitchen has all the good traditional pies too like blueberry and peach and cherry, and a pretty amazing Mystery Pecan Pie that includes a cheesecake layer.  Would you still add whipped cream?  Um, yeah.  Probably.  Bever's Kitchen is in Chappell Hill, which isn't all that far from Round Top.  Both of those towns are good places for antique shopping and that area draws thousands of shoppers every year.  They should stop in for pie too. offers these mouth-watering pie ideas in East Texas.

Florida’s Kitchen in Livingston.  They’re a barbecue joint that hopes you leave a little room for dessert after the sausage and greens.  Florida’s Kitchen makes the highlight reel with a huge slice of Chocolate Meringue, drizzled with chocolate syrup.  Forget the barbecue and go straight for the pie.

The Shed Cafe in Edom.  The Shed has a Reese’s Dream pie that layers up the two and puts whipped cream on top.  Oh, and the buttermilk pie is supposed to be really good too.

Sue’s Roost in Eustace.  The fried coconut pie with ice cream on top looks like an East Texas masterpiece, and might be one of their specialties.  Sue’s Roost is not open for dinner, so you’ve gotta go for breakfast or lunch, and then you’ve got the whole day to burn off the sugar.

If you think of some other good pie cafes let us know.

Trying all of these great pie hot spots now will be a great way to get our stomachs in shape for the Thanksgiving smorgasbord, right?  Tis the season.

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