As a man left the scene of one accident, he ended up smashing into two other parked vehicles and admitted to police that he got high on drugs before getting behind the wheel.  It had to have happened in another state, right?  Nope, right here in East Texas.

Lufkin police said the man smashed into two parked pickup trucks outside a body shop, and thankfully no one was in those vehicles at the time.  This accident happened just as he was leaving the scene of another accident not far away.  One person involved in that first crash was sent to the hospital.

McTavish Raymond was eventually arrested and admitted to police that he got high on PCP before the accidents.

Police have video that doesn't show any effort to stop before hitting the parked pickup trucks, and it sent both trucks flying and one of them did a 180. reports Raymond is facing charges for DWI and accident involving injury.

We know that East Texas drivers like yourself are safe and peaceful on the roads, but as my Grandpa always used to say, "Watch out for the other guy!"  People can get wild sometimes.


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