There are always some colorful characters at the Skate Ranch, but sometimes they like to liven it up with real characters from your favorite movies. If you go to the Skate Ranch page and look in the pictures you will see tons of kids, faces gleaming, taking pictures with their favorite characters. Olaf, Steve the Minion, Princess Cupcake, the list goes on and on. So I am assuming that when this popped up on their facebook, we are going to get the Beast.

Buena Vista Pictures

Oh, no not that beast, goodness Gaston put your shirt back on. This beast.....


Belle won't be there, so he will be searching for his beauty. Hopefully this Beauty likes to skate, since you will be at the Skate Ranch. Sunday June 25th from 2-4 pm stop by and take some pictures with the Beast.

All of the characters they have brought to the Skate Ranch over the years just look amazing. The costumes ,are spot on. But are they really costumes? I will suspend relaity and just imagine that these are the real things. So bring the kids to the Skate Ranch and get in on all the fun they will have. The Beast needs a beauty!