If you didn't make it to downtown Nacogdoches this past Saturday, then you missed out on one of the most awesome annual events. I made it to the festival again this year, and let me tell you, as usual, it was great.

It started bright and early - at 8:00 AM - with the traditional pancake breakfast put on by the Kiwanis Club. Not only was it a pancake breakfast, but it was a BLUEBERRY pancake breakfast, complete with the fresh blueberries.

Bruce R. Partain

From there, we just enjoyed being downtown. First, there were the vendors. There were vendors of all sorts - antiques, glass works, hand-made percussion instruments, pocket knives, and so much more. This year, there was even a ride simulator set up so that you could see what it was like to drive a brand new truck! And there was food. So much food. Pretty much any kind of food you could want was in downtown Nacogdoches on Saturday. Heck, there was even a sweet tea truck, giving out samples of a new flavor of tea!

And we can't forget about the animals. Specifically, dogs. I turned around at one point and saw all these dogs heading down the brick streets, all dressed up in different outfits. It was a doggy parade! Corgis, chihuahuas, golden retrievers, poodles - the list goes on and on.

via Flickr user fifikins

All that to say, it was another awesome year for the blueberry festival in Nacogdoches. I'm definitely looking forward to next year, and even more new attractions. Hope to see you out there in 2018!