It's done. The 2015 MLB regular season.

After finishing 31 games back in 2014, the Rangers took all 162 games to win the AL West in 2015. They will now play the Toronto Blue Jays in a best of five series starting Thursday, Oct. 8.

The Astros, who led the division for a majority of the season, are also in the playoffs after finishing two games back in the division. They will play the Yankees in a one-game wild card Oct. 6.

The winner of this game will play the Royals in the other ALDS matchup beginning Oct. 8.

The NL will feature the Cardinals, Mets, Cubs, Pirates and Dodgers. The NL wild card game is Wednesday, Oct. 7 with the Cubs and Pirates facing off for the right to face the Cardinals beginning Oct. 9.

The Mets and the Dodgers will be the other NLDS matchup, just like everyone predicted.

Speaking of predictions, here are some world series predictions from (not affiliated with Jack Dale's Sportsline)

  1. Royals: 22.2 percent
  2. Cardinals: 16.7 percent
  3. Blue Jays, Dodgers: 14.3 percent
  4. Mets: 11.1 percent
  5. Yankees: 10.0 percent
  6. Astros, Pirates: 7.7 percent
  7. Cubs: 6.7 percent
  8. Rangers: 3.2 percent

No surprises in these predictions. It's basically the division winners, then the wild card, and then Texas, who shouldn't be there.

The thing about teams who make the playoffs with nothing to lose is that they generally make some noise.

First, the Rangers need to beat the Blue Jays. The only for sure thing is that David Price will be on the hill for the Blue Jays are on the hill for game one. The Rangers haven't set the rotation and Toronto hasn't set anything up past Price.

David Price is an ace. Bonafide. Let's look at his postseason success against the Rangers, 0-3 with a plus 4 ERA. More on that to come.

I'm not ready to pencil in the Rangers against the Cardinals, my preseason pick, but they have as good a chance in the AL as anyone else.

The Rangers are not satisfied with the AL West title; they want a few more trophies.

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