Texas is good at many things, but apparently voting ain't one of them.  Texas ranks near the bottom for voter turnout, and there's only one thing we can do to change that.  Vote!

Texas ranks 46th for the number of registered voters that actually make it to the polls.  Our friends in Oklahoma aren't much better.  24/7 Wall Street says Oklahoma ranks 44th. Our neighbors in Louisiana kick our butts, and rank 10th.

The voter turnout rate in Texas is 55.3 percent, and that's only during presidential election years.  In November 2014 when there was no President to elect, only 34.6 percent of registered voters actually voted.  If all of us who registered actually made it out to the polls, that could have a huge impact on the results.


Here's an interesting point that 24/7 Wall Street raised. They said those with higher education levels tend to vote the most, and in Texas, just 28% of the adult population has a college degree. That's more than 3 percentage points below the national share. Do you think that matters?

This election is driving people bananas on social media, and it's even causing people to lose friends and sig others. So exercise your right to vote! It's the most powerful thing we can do.

We're not only picking the next President. We have a say in several important local races too. Early voting is on now, and the General Election is November 8th, and once you cast that ballot you can feel good knowing you did everything you could do. If you don't vote, well, others will make the decision for you.

Should we set a goal of 75 percent voter turnout? Let's do this.