No, this is not an endorsement for one party or the other. Nor is it an endorsement for one single candidate over another. This is just a plea for Americans in general.

Tomorrow, November 6th, is mid-term elections. As if you didn't know that. If you've opened up social media, turned on your television, or even just driven down the road, you're sure to have seen SOMETHING having to do with the election. (If you haven't seen or heard anything, then you are deaf and/or blind, so please stop driving immediately)

This election has been the most publicized one that I've seen so far, with everyone going out of their way to make their opinions and stances known. I can't remember any election being this intense. And that's saying something, after having to take part in the 2016 presidential election.

So, now the reason for this post...we as Americans have the opportunity that so many other across the world don't have a chance to do - we get the privilege of having a say in our government. How do we do that? We vote.

It really doesn't matter to me if you vote Republican or Democrat, or if you vote for an independent candidate, as long as you vote. The thing is, that's the beauty of the system: you get the chance to vote for whoever you want, regardless of what your neighbor thinks.

Voting is a truly awesome thing, and something that we as Americans should proudly take part in. The polls open at 7:00 AM tomorrow morning, and they don't close until 7:00 PM tomorrow evening. If you haven't taken the opportunity to get your votes in early, carve out some time tomorrow to make your opinion count. Go vote.

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