If you dine out at the Olive Garden, or Hole in One Cafe, or another one of your favorite spots in Lufkin, do you tip well?  You just might be boosting the average for Texas.

We've all got cheapskates in our circle of friends and family, but for the most part Texans are good tippers.  On average, we tip 19.7 percent here and that puts us in the top 5.  The best overall tippers are in New York and New Jersey, at around 25 percent.  Those moneybags...that's a quarter of the bill!  Who's the worst?

It turns out our neighbors up in Arkansas don't tip well.  It would be tough to be a server there, with average tips just over ten percent, and that puts Arkansas in dead last in terms of tipping generosity.  The survey from CouponCodes4U shows Arkansas, West Virginia, North Dakota, Georgia, and Alabama all tip between 10 and 12 percent and fail to impress.

Servers are often paid a low hourly wage and they rely on tips to make a living.  So generous is good!



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