I graduated with 12 people in my high school class in Nebraska, so it's hard for me to comprehend a high school where there are three thousands students.  That's huge! Or maybe it's time to admit my little class of six boys and six girls was abnormally tiny.  I graduated at the top of my class, but I don't spend much time telling people I only had 11 people behind me.  Shh...don't tell!  And those that graduated in the top 50 percent were actually in the top six.  That' doesn't happen often.

Texas has some of the biggest high schools in the US, and some of those have more than four thousand students.

Universityprimetime.com says the high school with the most students in the United States is in Brooklyn, NY.  Actually the top seven high schools in terms of the number of students are all in New York, with Brooklyn Technical High School topping out at 8,076 students.  Think of the noise all those lockers make between classes!

The largest high school in Texas is Skyline High School in Dallas, with 4697 students. Ten of the most populated high schools in Texas are in the Houston area. Allen High School in the Dallas area is #57 on the list of the Top 100, with 3695 students.

So which is better...a large or small high school?  After high school I went on to the University of Nebraska and graduated with 1500.  That was a little more my speed. But what it probably boils down to, is that there are advantages and disadvantages to both.