Texas can crank out the BBQ and burgers. And here's your chance to crank out a ton of it! One Texas man is selling a BBQ pit that's bigger than the semi cab that pulls it, and if you buy it you might be able to cook for entire football teams.

Terry Folsom from Brenham called it the "World's largest BBQ pit" in the eBay listing, and said it has a walk-in cooler, beer taps, and even has places to hooked up the always-essential TV and stereo equipment. It weighs 40 tons and is 76 feet long.

Would you buy it for $350,000? Think of the block parties you could have on your street with this thing. It may cost more than the houses, but oh well!  You might be able to start your own BBQ festival, too.

Terry isn't taking the standard bids, but lists his phone number to talk about it. Let us know if you're the lucky buyer. We're coming over for sausage and brisket.