A customer saw a man with a gun last Friday night at the Walmart in Sulphur Springs, and it turns out he had been driving a stolen pickup.  It turned out okay, but could have been much worse.

KHOU in Houston says surveillance video saw the man getting out of the truck that happened to have been stolen in Arkansas.  He got out of the store before police could get to him, by exiting through a side door in the automotive department.

40-year-old Hollis Blaine Sartin was arrested Saturday morning after he was seen east of Sulphur Springs driving another vehicle, and he's facing charges related to the Walmart incident.  Plus, police say this wasn't his first run-in with the law.  Various charges date back to 1992.

The shoppers at Walmart last Friday probably had no idea what was going on, until the store issued a lockdown.  What would go through your mind if you were in the store at the time?  The lockdown was lifted a short time later, and it's business as usual now.  For everyone except Hollis Sartin.

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