When a dog gets out of the yard and doesn't come back, you never think perhaps he's safe and sound, 1100 miles away.

One Texas dog made it all the way to Indiana.

Police don't think the dog walked all the way to Indiana. He probably had help getting there.

The pit bull named Blue was apparently stolen from his yard in Galveston in May 2014, and taken all the way to the Midwest.  He might still be there if it weren't for the microchip embedded in his body.  After Blue was dropped of at a Humane Society north of Indianapolis, the shelter found the microchip and tracked down the 69-year old owner in Galveston.  With the help of some donations for trip expenses, Blue made it back home to Texas.

That's the happy news!  The sad news is, Blue's pit bull companion Maggie was stolen from the Texas yard at the same time that Blue went missing, and she hasn't been found.  Yet.