Pickle lovers unite! Best Maid Pickles is opening a pickle emporium that you may have only thought was possible in your dreams.

According to Best Maid Pickles,  a museum and super store of everything Best Maid Pickles themed will be opening on Friday, October 23 in Fort Worth. If 2020 did anything right, then this definitely has to be it.

It might be a southern thing, but pickles are possibly one of the best delicacies around. Plus, they're super versatile. I'm looking at you, my dear fried pickles.

The store will be located at 829 W Vickery Blvd in Fort Worth, Texas and emporium hours will be Tuesday-Saturday, 11 AM-6 PM. I mean, is that enough time for pickle lovers to enjoy this new place of worship? I'm not sure, it's definitely questionable to me.

The store will of course feature pickles to buy, but will also include Best Maid Pickles swag, like artisan jewelry, wine tumblers, thermal cups, shirts, and more! The other half of the emporium will showcase historical documents and other items that piece together the tale of how the brand came to be in Fort Worth.

So guzzle some pickle juice and pack your bags, because it's time to head to Fort Worth!

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