There is a new organization in Nacogdoches that is here to make a difference. The Nacogdoches Hunger Relief Coalition is ready to help in this pandemic. This is a combination of local food pantries and individuals in Nacogdoches County. They are all working together to address food insecurity in Nacogdoches County.

If you know someone that is in need of food, they have an event coming up. Farm fresh produce will be available for any Nacogdoches County resident in need. The event will be set up like a drive through at the Nacogdoches Exposition Center. Masks are required to be worn at all times. Each car that drives though will get about 25lbs of fruit and vegetables.

You can even pick up the bounty of delicious nutritious fruit and veg for a neighbor or family friends that can't make it to the event. Just have them give you a signed permission note, and have that on hand for the driver to show the staff. It all gets started at 10am this Friday, October 23rd. Closing time is at 1pm or when all the produce is gone.

The Nacogdoches Hunger Coalition is working tirelessly to connect the residents of the area with resources to meet their food and nutritional needs. Right when they started this organization in February, they couldn't have had an idea that we were going to be just days away from a food crisis due to job loss due to Covid-19. Now they are on a mission to combat hunger in our area.

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