Under the new federal Affordable Health Care Law, health insurance companies are required to refund a portion of their customers' premiums if the company spends less than 80 percent of its premium income on medical care.



The Houston Chronicle reports about one and a half million Texans have received $166.9 million dollars in rebates, more than any other state.  The Texas Department of Health and Human Services says the average rebate per Texas family was $187.

This law affected nearly 13 million people nationwide. Most of those affected in Texas have "individual" health insurance policies, and they have received, or should have received their rebate checks.

However, about 10 million of the national total -- more than 75 percent -- are covered by  group health insurance provided by their employers, so they wont necessarily see the money, at least not directly. Their employers might use the money to offer discounts on future health insurance premiums.

That's the hope anyway, but we shall see.


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