Two Texas school districts are going ahead with arming teachers on school campuses. That will make three school districts in Texas that are planning this. Some authorities are advising not to do this and are worried about putting a teacher into this kind of situation. 

The Dallas Morning News reported yesterday:

The superintendents for the Van school district east of Dallas and the Union Grove district in East Texas told senators they will soon become the second and third districts in the state to authorize teachers with concealed handgun licenses to carry firearms on campus to protect students.


Dallas school district Police Chief Craig Miller, a 30-year veteran of the Dallas Police Department, who said state and local officials should avoid a knee-jerk reaction to the Connecticut school shootings.
“I don’t think it is appropriate to have armed teachers on campus, particularly in urban districts,” Miller said. “I don’t want to see teachers put in that position.”

Instead, Miller wants to upgrade security measures, add more cameras and restrict visitors to one entrance at schools.

Should we go ahead and arm teachers at our schools in our area or is this a "knee-jerk" reaction?

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