Whenever my wife is in charge of the TV remote at the house, chances are she's watching the Food Network.  Although that channel is not my first choice, I find myself watching a lot of The Pioneer Woman or Chopped.  I also find it entertaining to watch some of the Food Network's dessert competitions.  I'm fascinated by the artwork that goes into making some of those cake masterpieces.

What about the professional bakers around our area? 

Through the years I've played music at many a wedding reception, and I've seen my fair share of beautifully decorated cakes.  So, I thought I would put the word out to area bakeries that I was looking for some of the their best and/or most unique work when it comes to cakes.

I sent word out to about 10 locally-owned bakeries in Lufkin and Nacogdoches asking them to send me up to five of their best cake creations so that we could showcase their work to all of East Texas.  Unfortunately, only four bakeries responded.  They are Grandough Baking Company, Blue Horse Bakery, Milk + Honey Baking Company, and Biscuit Eater Bakery.

Here's the best of the best

Even though only four responded, they sent us photos of some awesomely designed cake creations.  Take a look below at some of these, well, these pieces of culinary art.  You know, that's the worst part about these cakes...you find yourself not wanting to eat it because it almost feels like your destroying a piece of art.

If you design cakes as a profession and you would like to have your cakes featured, just reach out to me at dannymerrell@townsquaremedia.com.  If I get enough responses, I'll do a follow up story featuring more beautifully designed cakes.

Decorated Cakes in East Texas

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