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Texas Isn’t Following the Baby Name Trends
Olivia is the most popular baby name in America for girls right now, and it's Asher for boys. But leave it to Texas to be a little independent about all that and resist the trends.  It looks like we've got other baby naming ideas in mind.
These Are the Quirkiest Baby Names in Texas
Texans can come up with some goodies!  Just look at any kindergarten class list, and high five yourself for stamping your kids with some unique, cool, and creative names. A new list is out, and please share your thoughts.  Are the quirkiest baby names in Texas really that quirky?
Texas’ Most Popular Baby Names Are a Mix of Old and New
Yay for us!  We don't get too cutesy with baby names in Texas, and I just know our kids will grow up to be the coolest, smartest, most well-adjusted kids on the planet. The most popular baby names in Texas draw from the past, and mix tradition with current trends.  If this Top 5 list is any indication, Texans are great at naming babies.
Traditional Names Trendy Again
We knew if we waited long enough, traditional given names would make a comeback, and they are.  More and more parents are turning away from trendy oddly spelled names, in favor of old and familiar traditional names.  What is old becomes new again.