Have you ever wanted to experience the awe and mystery of Stonehenge? I know I have. It's one of humanity's earliest architectural achievements. But flying all the way to Europe to see it seems a little... cost prohibitive.

Luckily, Stonehenge 2 is a drive-able trip in Texas and nearly as big as the original.

Located in Ingram, Texas (a town Northwest of Kerrville), Stonehenge 2 has even earned its own marker on Google Maps. It makes for some pretty impressive pictures.

According to roadsideamerica.com, this quirky project is the art of two friends and is "90 percent as wide as the original, and 60 percent the height." It has to be at least that big to be in Texas, right?

If you're feeling more Polynesian than ancient European, there's also a really nice Easter Island Head.

The best part about Stonehenge 2? You can touch it and take as many photos and selfies as you please. That's much more problematic with the real deal.

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