The rest of the US might have a thing against flip flops at the office, but those seem to be part of standard operating procedure in Texas.  As long as you don't add socks.

What else should we NOT wear to work this summer?

What are you wearing right now?  This isn't Tinder and that's not some weird pickup line.  We really want to know.

Some things are taboo at the office this summer, but we think there might be some exceptions in Texas.

Business Insider had a good point about wearing socks with certain shoes this summer though.  "No sandal wants to see that."

And apparently, nobody at the office wants to see flip flops at all, whether we've got socks with them or not.  Really?  What makes flip flops a no-no at the office is the idea that people in flip flops can't be taken seriously, and the clicking and shuffling noise is proof that the person's business attitude is as relaxed as the shoes.  Texas seems to overlook this.

So much depends on the type of office you're in, and the type of work you do.  It's probably true that a lawyer would look odd in a suit and tie and flip flops at the office all day.  But if you're the owner of a landscaping business and you're wearing shorts when you go out to check on clients, homeowners probably aren't going to look down on you if you're wearing flip flops too.  We can handle it.

In general, there are dress code rules that we shouldn't be breaking in the summertime at the office.  See if you agree.

1. Tank tops or halters.

2. Bare midriffs

3. Shorts

4. Cut-offs

5. Anything you bought for the beach or swimming pool

6. Anything strapless

7. Flip flops

8. Socks with sandals

9. Yoga pants

10. Visible underwear

11. Unbuttoned shirts

12. Sunglasses (indoors)

13. Anything sheer

Texas seems to be one of those states with a serious independent streak, and we're going to march to the beat of our own drum on some of this stuff.  If you're working at home right now closing multi-million dollar deals while wearing cut-offs and an unbuttoned shirt with your socks and sandals propped up on the coffee table, good for you.  We'll never know.

But we should probably all avoid the bare midriffs.  It's true.

I'm wearing shorts, flip flops, and sunglasses on the top of my head right now, with a camisole underneath a sheer top.  Oops.  I mean, high five, rule breakers.  There are a lot of us in Texas, and we like it that way.

Plus, it's almost too hot for clothes.  Our bosses should be thankful we're wearing anything at all.

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