Visiting new areas in new cities always sparks my creativity. I love photography and being able to study it in college made me love it even more. With that being said I went exploring downtown Lufkin and here are the top places I found that are either aesthetically pleasing or can simply make a great photo.

Now don’t worry you don’t have to have a professional camera or expensive lenses. We all start at the bottom and your phone works perfectly fine especially considering how insane the camera quality is on an iPhone now.

  • Located on Shepherd Ave.

    Geo Wall

    This little gem is slightly hidden away from the public, I saw it while strolling through the downtown square. If you’re traveling east on Shepherd Ave. you should be able to find it. Its located in a fairly small alley way right after passing The Standpipe Coffee House and with its vivid colors it should stand out. Working with a semi-wide lens is highly recommended however if you’re on your iPhone don’t stress about anything technical I mention.

  • Located on the North East corner of Lufkin Ave. & Cotton Square

    Mural Wall

    So, there’s a lot of Murals in downtown Lufkin so pick and choose your favorites and shoot. You can also shoot tight on the murals and make it look like you’re in completely different locations. Fun fact I take at least 3 outfits on shoots to make it look like I shot on multiple days.

  • Located on First St. next to KB Yoga & More

    Garden Wonderland

    You wouldn’t even imagine where I found this adorable place. Believe it or not the area where the photo was taken is so small I’m glad my friend was able to snap it just perfectly to make it look like I’m in a garden wonderland. I love the contrasting colors here and overall the composition plus I’m sure if you asked the owners of the location they would be kind enough to let you photograph inside.

  • Located on First St. next to KB Yoga & more.


    I don’t know why but I just love these theaters. We don’t see these around Dallas too often and East Texas has these in abundance which I LOVE. I highly recommend going wide to try and incorporate as much as the theater as possible. I also shot low if that helps any of you.