It is no secret that I love coffee. As a matter of fact if you walk into my office you are bound to see 2 coffee pots, 7 different kinds of coffee and last time I counted 17 different coffee cups! So it might be a little addiction. Plus, I always make my way down to Standpipe Coffee House here in Lufkin almost every morning! Just a couple weeks ago Sean and I were in there getting some much needed caffeine and Casey let us in on a little secret! Standpipe was going to start serving lunch!  Ohhhh and she even let us sample all the offerings!  Here is what I thought of them!


Chicken Salad Sandwich: This is made in house with cranberries and pecans! They put it on Multigrain Sourdough bread! It was phenomenal. The chicken was nice and juicy and the cranberries complimented it perfectly. You really can't go wrong with this for $8!



Harvest Grain Bowl:  This is Organic Quinoa mixed with all different kind of vegetables. This was absolutely on point. The fire-roasted corn and sweet potatoes made this dish for me. They all melted in my mouth and paired together perfectly.  Great Deal for $7.50


Mediterranean Flatbread Wrap: This right here is the hidden dish of Lufkin! This is lamb, beef, tomatoes, cucumbers, purple onion and their own Ziki sauce all wrapped inside a warm pita bread! Amazing Deal at $8. Also lets be real, this one is my favorite.


These Three options come with your choice of chips!

I love to support local businesses and it dosen't get more local then this. If you get the chance to go down for lunch between 11:30-1 then go! It's great food made by great people. If you don't want the lunch then Casey and the entire team at Standpipe would be more then happy to make you the perfect drink for you! Go check them out!


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