We are well aware of the rivalry between the Longhorns and Aggies.

Can a Longhorn fan flash the "Hook 'em Horns" sign, take a pic at the Aggie Memorial dedicated to military veterans, and put that pic on social media?  Not without causing a huge stir.

Maybe it's not just the act of a Longhorn tainting something sacred that upset Aggies so much.  Maybe it's what she followed it with.  When the Longhorn fan posted her Hook 'Em picture to social media she included the hashtag "idowhatiwant" which seems to be a big fat "so there" and "in your face" to the Aggies.  And Aggies don't usually take thing like that lightly.

KHOU says the original post has disappeared, but the discussion in College Station hasn't ended.  Some Aggies said it was disrespectful, not just to the school, but to those who have served since it's a memorial dedicated to veterans.

As if Aggie fans needed to be even more fired up, they're got a huge game coming up this Saturday against Auburn in College Station.  That might help them forget all abut those Longhorns in Austin.

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