If you want a loaf of bread there are dozens of different types and flavors to chose from. Snake bread, however, is not something you're usually going to find at your local supermarket.

But snake bread is exactly what a woman in Texas got. As in a loaf of bread with a whole snake baked inside it. Luckily, the snake was already dead. (Or you could say it was already toast.) But it was a shocking sight nonetheless and the woman's nephew posted an image of the reptile surprise on Reddit.

Mrs. Baird’s Bread, who baked the offending flour product, now wants to get in touch with the woman so they can have an independent laboratory test the bread. They also suggest that it's not uncommon for folks to "mistake burned dough for a foreign object."

So there's a chance this is all a big misunderstanding and there is no such thing as snake bread. But if it's legit we now know what Charlie Sheen is going to be dipping in tiger blood the next time he has a manic episode.

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