Tyler police have arrested a beautician who is charged with practicing medicine without a license, and you won't believe what she's accused of doing.

Tyler police say Carmel Foster included "breast enlargement" on her list of services at her beauty salon. Unfortunately, one of her customers is now in critical condition at a hospital in Longview.


Tyler police say 26-year-old Sheena Bradford received breast enhancement injections in the back room of Queen Diva's Salon, which is owned by Foster.

Sheena's friend Devora Templeton says Sheena was under the impression that the woman administering the injections was licensed and had worked in a doctor's office.  She didn't know the injections would make her sick.

Templeton says "This lady told me that she put saline solution in her breasts--saline water... Saline water is not going to harden your breasts like that, and it looks like she has been beaten in her breasts-- they're purple, they're bruised bad and swollen. And saline water is not going to cause you to have all of these health problems."

Templeton says Sheena is now fighting for her life, as her doctors try to determine what fluid was injected into her body.  Sheena's family says Foster also performed a similar procedure on Sheena's cousin two weeks ago.

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Aside from the obvious question of why anyone would do something like this to someone, it's also baffling that any woman would even think of having it done in a beauty shop of all places.

Breast augmentation is a complex surgical procedure that should be performed ONLY by a Medical Doctor who specializes in that type of surgery.  Allowing a beautician to do it is just insane.