FERGUSON, Mo. (AP) — Police in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson aren't yet saying how many people were arrested during a night of violent protests over the shooting death of an unarmed black teen. But the St. Louis Post-Dispatch says about 10 people were arrested -- including a St. Louis alderman who had been chronicling the protests on social media.

Police used tear gas and smoke bombs to repel crowds who threw Molotov cocktails.

The violence came hours after the police chief in Ferguson said race relations were the top priority in the town, where a white police officer fatally shot the black teen.

Since Saturday's shooting, officers from multiple departments in riot gear and in military equipment have clashed nightly with the protesters.

Two reporters -- from the Washington Post and the Huffington Post -- say they were detained by police for not clearing out quickly enough from a McDonald's where they were working - near the protests but away from the most violent areas. They were released without any charges. Both say they were assaulted but weren't seriously hurt.

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