In the Spring Game at Stephen F. Austin on Saturday, the White (offense) beat the Purple (defense) 87-65.  That only happens in the spring!

Jeremy Moses made a splash for the Lumberjacks three years ago, and players this spring have their sights set on playing just as well.

Many of them made a big impression over the weekend at the annual spring game.

It sounds more like a basketball score than a football score actually.

SFA says the spring game was played using a modified scoring system by head coach Clint Conque.

The offense ended up with 542 yards on 94 plays, and they completed 44-of-66 passes for 438 yards.  The Lumberjacks ran for 104 yards on 32 carries.  And there were no injuries, which bodes well for the fall.

The spring season is behind the Lumberjacks now, so SFA will start prepping for the fall season.  The athletes will concentrate on finishing the current semester academically, and then they'll be back on campus in June.

The first game of the 2014 season will be at Kansas State on August 30th.