With the nice spring weather more people are starting to spend time outside, and the right combination of rain and sun also means snakes are happy, and they’re being spotted in greater numbers.

Why now? Where have they been? Biologists say they’ve spent the last several months underground, and now they’re coming out looking for food. Ladies (and maybe some guys), join me in saying, “EWWWW!”

Two East Texas hotels found snakes inside over the weekend.

KTRE reports the snakes were discovered in two hotels in Nacogdoches, and animal control officers came to the rescue, armed with a pillow case and five gallon bucket. No one was hurt. Creeped out perhaps, but not hurt.

Wildlife biologists say most snakes in East Texas are non-poisonous, but some can cause harm. The best thing to do if you come across one, is to do nothing at all. The majority of snake bites happen when you go after it and try to kill it. We’re supposed to leave it alone and wait for it to slither way. Easier said than done!

One good thing about the unbearable Texas heat that’s on its way this summer…snakes don’t really like it either. They’ll go back underground again at that point. But right now, during the beautiful spring weather, we’ll have to share the ground with those slithery creatures.

Have that animal control number handy!

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