They've tried letters, emails, and lobbyists. But this month, a north Texas school superintendent and his administrators found another way to  express their feelings about state budget cuts and standardized testing.

It was Sanger ISD's convocation - a pep-rally for teachers and staffers, to kick start the school year. They dressed up like actors from the old comedy show "Hee Haw," and sang a sharp-witted satirical song aimed straight at Governor Rick Perry.

The past year had been tough on Texas educators, according to assistant superintendent Jackie McBroom.  “Teachers are tired, principals are tired,” McBroom said.

United Educators Association executive director Larry Shaw agreed. “Our schools just got cut by $4 billion, and the governor just left town,” Shaw said.

With that in mind, McBroom, superintendent Kent Crutsinger, IT director Chris Miller and deputy superintendent Eric Beam took to the stage in their bib overalls to sing a song McBroom wrote for the occasion.

The refrain went like this:

"Where, Rick Perry, are you tonight? Why did you leave us here all alone?

You promised us funding for all Texas children; but then you heard 'White House' and -- pfft -- you were gone."

The audience loved it.

McBroom made it clear that his views do not necessarily represent those of the district, and he said of Perry, “I wish him well.”

via North Texas administrators pine for Perry in comedy song | Dallas - Fort Worth.

Here's a link to an amateur YouTube video of this "event".  It's really pretty funny.

via Sanger ISD Convocation (Where, Rick Perry) [ORIGINAL] - YouTube.

With Perry out running for President, something tells us we haven't heard the last of this "song."