In a book that would seem to explain a lot of things, two reporters for Politico say Texas Gov. Rick Perry was under the influence of prescription painkillers during the Republican presidential debates of recent months.


In an e-book about the GOP Presidential primaries, Politico reporters Mike Allen and Evan Thomas write that it was "an open secret that Perry was taking painkillers in sufficient dosages to keep him standing through the two-hour debates."

In several debates, Perry sometimes appeared to ramble and slur his words.  His worst and most devastating moment came when he couldn't remember the three federal agencies he planned to cut if elected president.

Perry's medical history is public knowledge.  He injured his back in a bicycle accident several years ago, and last summer he had spinal surgery he hoped would correct the problem. He later admitted that his "fatigue" and back problems were at least partly to blame for his weak campaign efforts.

via Rick Perry Was On 'Sufficient Dosages' Of Painkillers During Debates, E-Book Claims.

The e-book about the GOP campaign is "Playbook 2012:  Inside the Circus".  It's available online at Amazon.