Political pundits say for someone who's still undecided about his national ambitions, Governor Rick Perry sure looks and sounds like he wants to move into the White House, and it's just a matter of time till he announces he's in the race for the GOP nomination.

The pundits point to Perry's appearance at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans over the weekend.

By all accounts, Perry lit a fire under an otherwise lackluster conference, and a lot of people came away saying Perry should be the GOP nominee next year.

In a 20-minute address to about 2,000 party activists, Perry blasted the Obama administration and Republicans he blames for helping Obama get elected.

Perry said Obama's approach to the economy is "an affront to every freedom-loving American and a threat to every private sector job in this country."

Perry says the Obama administration "clearly believes that government is not only the answer to every need, but it's the most qualified to make the most central decisions for every American in every area."

via Perry Road-Tests A Stump Speech - Hotline On Call.

Even though Perry has said over and over that he's not interested in running for President, it's reported that he's sent aides to Iowa to feel out the political situation in the home of the crucial first nominating caucus. Perry supporters all over the country are saying he'll jump into the presidential race.