Surely karma will take care of these folks.

There are reports (and maybe you’ve seen the posts) that people on Facebook and other social media sites are claiming to be storm victims when they’re not. Those folks are asking for money right along with legitimate hurricane relief efforts, generating sympathy, and in some cases making a buck.

The advice is to only send money to the Red Cross and other reputable organizations. We shared that advice the other day and encouraged you to watch for blood drives with the East Texas chapter. That’s still good advice. But don’t you wonder about the poor individuals who really are storm victims and who really do need money right now? The scammers have made it to risky to send money directly to them. But there are other ways to help.

As we posted on a blog Thursday, NBC has organized a benefit telecast which will air tonight, starring Christina Aguilera, Bon Jovi, and others, hosted by Matt Lauer. They’ll have ways to donate and help out too.

This storm could be the most expensive in US History, at $50 billion. Thanks to all the legit groups that are coming together to put a dent that number. It’s inspiring.

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