Syam Tax Services, LLC.  Syam Tax Services, LLC.  Syam Tax Services, LLC!  DO NOT conduct any business with this company.  That message from the Texas Attorney General's office.

According to reports, "Syam" is the focus of an investigation involving a tax fraud scheme, and the public is being warned to abstain from entering into a business relationship with this group.

Preliminary results indicate that "Syam" enlisted recruiters to visit East Texas churches, along with senior members of the community receiving Social Security benefits, saying that they were eligible for a cash payment associated with an alleged stimulus funds program drafted by the federal government.

Once the victims supply their personal information, including bank accounts, "Syam" prepares and files fraudulent income tax return's in the name of the victim.  Then, the fake tax refund is deposited directly into "Syam's" bank account, leaving the victim's to return the money to the IRS.  There is also the secondary issue of potential identity theft if you are fooled into deceit.

Syam Tax Services, LLC.  Should you come in contact with someone representing them, RUN!