red cross

Texas Flood Relief
Anytime there's a natural disaster, the American Red Cross rushes in to help, by setting up shelters and offering food and supplies.  And the relief effort involved with the Texas floods may cost millions.
Sandy Relief Efforts Bring Out The Scammers
Surely karma will take care of these folks.
There are reports (and maybe you’ve seen the posts) that people on Facebook and other social media sites are claiming to be storm victims when they’re not. Those folks are asking for money right along with legitimate hurrican…
East Texas Can Help Sandy Victims
The weather in Lufkin and Nacogdoches seems just fine, so it’s hard to imagine exactly how bad it is right now on the East Coast as Hurricane Sandy makes her way into New York and New Jersey. There are blizzard warnings in places like West Virginia, because Sandy is mixing with a winter storm there,…