During quarantine there were two types of people. Some burrowed deep into their houses and ordered out. I'm hearing about the Covid-19 in relation to the number of pounds they gained in lockdown. The others took the time away to look inward and made some positive heath changes.

Is that you? I'm somewhere in-between, as nothing really changed. If you are ready to show off your new found athleticism, get ready for the Texas Blueberry Festivals, Running of the Blueberries 5K.

The classic 5K route is very scenic and takes you through the Lanana Creek Trail. This is the 10th anniversary of the 5K run, so they have made a additional 10K that starts a little sooner, and follows some of the original 5K trail.

The family friendly and dog friendly 1 mile untimed event sounds like about my speed. I'm not a runner at all. Dogs are welcome on any of the races and the 10K starts first at 7:15am. 

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Prices increase at the end of the month of May, so save a few dollars by signing up now. When you sign up you will get a free high quality performance T-shirt. They have them available in Adults, Ladies, and Youth sizes.

You can sign up for any of the events, including a virtual 5K and 10K Just CLICK HERE. That way you still get the T-shirt, even if you can't participate in person.

They will still be observing Covid-19 protocols during the event. Social distancing, and mask wearing will only be required at the start and finish area.

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