Nose candy. Blow. Coke. Snow. Sneeze. Sniff. Speedball. Wonky white stuff. The Tony Montana special.

Whatever you want to call it, huge bricks of the stuff have been washing ashore on Texas beaches lately, and police have no idea why.

KHOU-TV and ABC News report that about 110 pounds of cocaine have washed ashore in Matagorda, Texas over the past week.

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The Matagorda Sheriff's Department took to Facebook Tuesday to warn the public about the packages that have been showing up on beaches, urging people not to touch them.

Not only could you get sick from contact with wet toxins, but if you're seen walking around with one of the packages, you could face drug charges.

"Once the package becomes wet, the substance in the package could become liquid form and leak from the package," a post from the sheriff's department reads.. "Once the substance becomes liquid form it is easier to absorb into the skin and could cause a person to become ill or it could possibly be fatal. Also once a person picks up the package, that person is in possession of the package and could be charged for the criminal charge of Possession."

KIII-TV reports that similar packages have been found in the Corpus Christi area as well.

It's a little early for families from our neck of the woods to be headed to the coast for summer fun, but if you do make the trip soon and find a mysterious package on the beach, leave it be and call police.

I'd recommend finding somewhere else to swim, too.

It's not just Texas getting unwelcome snow on its beaches lately. Other states along the Gulf Coast have had packages wash ashore as well.

Last week, police in Alabama thought they might have a break in the case when piece of an aircraft washed onto a beach there, but it turned out to be part of a disposable military drone.

Personally, I think it could still be a crashed plane behind this, or even a ship that somehow got itself sunk out in the Gulf.

Whatever happened, one thing's for sure - someone didn't get their big drug shipment, and that means heads are probably going to roll.

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