2012 election

Texas Has No Voice in Picking GOP Nominee
Because of the drawn out court battle over redistricting, the Texas party primaries have been delayed until the end of May.  With the GOP Presidential nomination battle all but over, and Mitt Romney the nominee-apparent, this means Texas will have no say whatsoever in picking the GOP nominee th…
Now We Know: Perry was on Painkillers
In a book that would seem to explain a lot of things, two reporters for Politico say Texas Gov. Rick Perry was under the influence of prescription painkillers during the Republican presidential debates of recent months.
Obama Approval Rating Sinks as Gas Prices Rise
Disapproval of President Obama’s handling of the economy is heading higher — alongside gasoline prices — as a record number of Americans now give the president “strongly” negative reviews on the 2012 presidential campaign’s m…
Texans Leave Voting to a Small Minority
It doesn’t take very many people to win an election in Texas.  The court battle over redistricting is pushing the primaries closer to summertime — creating the real possibility that Texas Republicans will have no say in who their presidential nominee should be.
Political o…

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