Anyone who has a dog knows that their curiosity can sometimes get them into trouble, which is exactly what happened with the San Antonio, Texas rescue dog Nugget. He is only one-and-a-half-years-old and lucky to be alive after early in his life he was on the city’s euthanasia list, he did nothing wrong to land on that list, but some amazing fosters stepped up to save his life. But after his life was saved the curious dog met a porcupine and learned a valuable and painful lesson. 

Poor Nugget, met a porcupine and wanted to become friends in the backyard of his foster parents. It didn’t workout well for him as you see in the photos has poor Nugget had to be rushed to an overnight emergency clinic with hundreds of quills stuck in his face and legs.  

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Nugget Had No Idea How Painful a Porcupine Friend Can Be 

As you can see Nugget got way to close to his porcupine friend, beyond being painful the removal of all the quills got rather expensive. The total cost for x-rays, quill removal surgery, anesthesia, medications, and more was $2,500. The San Antonio Pets Alive organization is requesting donations to help with Nugget and any other dogs needing medical assistance, you can donate by clicking here. 

How Is Nugget Doing Since the Quill Removal Surgery 

There is good news to report as Nugget is doing very well recovering from his unfortunate porcupine encounter as he is now putting weight on all four legs, and was recently adopted. Hopefully Nugget is now living his best life and can put the pain of the porcupine behind him.  

Please remember if you’re looking to add a furry family member, adopt don’t shop. 

Curious Texas Dog Meets Porcupine

Poor Nugget wanted to make a friend but the porcupine wasn't feeling very friendly.

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